Sap Based Maple Syrup

Black River Falls, WI

Are you looking for something extraordinary to serve your guests at Sunday brunch this week? Or maybe you just feel like treating yourself to something extra special that is sinfully sweet and deliciously sticky? Well, whatever your reason, you are guaranteed to find only the finest pure maple syrup here at Black Panther Maple Syrup! Our sensational syrup is sure to be just the thing to compliment your best breakfast dishes. Black Panther is located near Black River Falls, WI and we would love for you to purchase some of our own homemade maple syrup when you are craving something delicious to top your breakfast fare. A sap based maple syrup is a genuine pure maple syrup that is always created naturally from the sap of maple trees. Which means that Black Panther Maple Syrup products are always an all-natural option to give you the sweetest treat at any time of the day! Our homemade maple syrup is completely free from dyes as well as additives and preservatives. We know that you want only the best in high quality and pure ingredients but we also can guarantee that you will find our maple syrup to be an exceptionally rich and divine addition as well! Here at Black Panther Maple Syrup, our syrup is a homemade sap based maple syrup that is an all-natural option to sweeten many treats including your favorite breakfast dishes. But pancakes, French toast and waffles are only a few examples of how you can use our pure maple syrup. Maple syrup is a wonderful addition to desserts like warm puddings and pies. Maple syrup is also a perfect treat in a hot drink on a cold winter's night! If you are in the Black River Falls, WI area, then come on by because we are confident that your taste buds are in for the sweetest surprise!